How to Build and Manage Facebook with Messenger Bots

Facebook post manager

We’ve all seen the Facebook Messenger Bot floating around Facebook. You can talk to it, and it will send you a notification when someone sends you a message on Facebook.

This is one of the coolest things that has been invented in recent years! But did you know that these bots are not only for personal use? Businesses have started using them too to automate some tasks and make customer service more efficient.

In this blog post, we’ll walk through how to create your own messenger bot and handle it so that it works well with your business’s needs.

What is a Facebook post manager?

A Facebook post manager is the one who manages Facebook posts on behalf of a business.

These managers typically create, edit, and publish content to Facebook Pages or Groups when the company’s human resources are busy or not available.

They manually posts, review, check the comments, and manage your timeline.

The process of managing Facebook is really tiresome especially if there is only one Facebook post manager.

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What is Facebook?

You can use Facebook on any different occasion, such as social media, to share photos or videos of your life with friends and family.

You can also chat on Facebook Messenger, which is the most popular chat service on Facebook.

It can be used as a personal or promoting a business or company.

Facebook is easy to use because it is made to be a user-friendly app.

You can open your Facebook in google or link it up to your android or any device that you have.

It had an app and a link that you can search the web or google. By inputting your number on it you can also receive notifications on what is happening in your account.

It also has extensions that you can use that you can link to your browser. Also, if you are confused about how things work there is an icon on Facebook that is a question mark then click confirm and there’s a ton of options to ask.

Facebook had a lot of feature if you let the extension control it. It is also free! and can help you to connect with your friends or clients.

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Will I be able to use Facebook easily?

Yes, it is easy.

facebook has its other chrome extension that you can use and it also has its own facebook app called Facebook lite app for android.

It will help you to connect with your friends, posts some photos, you can do individual posts, filters your newsfeed for you, and there’s a page option that you can use.

You can also leave a comment on someone’s posts, and then delete comments that are offensive.

Facebook manager, Facebook post, posts manager, post manager

You can set a post that only you can see it.

You just need to connect your Facebook in email sign to recover it if you forgot the password.

Facebook is made to be used easily by users. There’s a ton of feature that you can use to regulate your timeline. View the date of your post and manage the activity.

Will a bot can be a good post manager?

Yes, it will. It process and handles your Facebook account for you.

All the tedious task that is needed to be done is handled by Messenger bot.

It has reasonable things that users find to be helpful.

It hide, filters, deleting, backup data, mark, confirm, post, bulk delete, control timeline, language recognition, delete posts, hiding offensive comments, and add to your newsfeed the things that you may also like.

Facebook manager, Facebook post, posts manager, post manager

Is it safe to use a Bot for the manager of my account?

Yes, it can process your command. Your Facebook profile and all your post are safe because a bot executes your commands. It does not give any other people access to it, so you are always secured and protected on Facebook.

If you’re not satisfied you can delete posts manually on its chrome extensions. Also, delete your Facebook or an old Facebook if you like.

Yes it is safe to use a bot to handle your Facebook account. There is a Facebook data that you can review and see your old posts. Only you can be able to have access to you Facebook information. You can hide it if you want.

Messenger bot will manage posts, filter posts, posts matching, remove tags, and manage activity for you. It’s the same even if you use Facebook post manager in Firefox or any other browser.

Could Messenger bot delete all Facebook posts in android?

If you want to delete a post in your Facebook account, the Messenger bot will help you.

It will delete all posts in your Facebook account, so you can restart posting on this social media platform with a new Facebook page.

How can a Messenger bot be a good substitute for a Facebook post manager?

With the help of Messenger Bot, they will posts on Facebook automatically on your behalf, and are also able to monitor the Facebook page’s activity, such as likes, comments, shares, or click rates.

The speed of the Messenger bot is very different compared to a traditional post manager.

Messenger Bot had a lot of features that you can use like it can manage multiple Facebook profile at once, manage page, hide or deleting offensive language in the comment section.

Filter things that appear on your news feed especially if you only want things that related to your business.

How does Messenger bot use social book Post manager on Facebook?

Messenger bot use social book post manager on Facebook to delete your post through the activity log which include by you and by other person/app.

It also has a chrome extension design for cleaning up bulk. This extension makes it easier to wipe your profile, and unlike past posts in bulk.

It also review your activity log to find content matching particular keywords you provide, and then it allows you to deletion or privatizes post.

If you explore it more it also presents you with a list of filters that you can use to delete posts on Facebook.

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Can a Bot delete Facebook posts?

Yes, it can delete the Facebook posts with a click on the icon button. From the Facebook data. The bot will filter posts, even old posts for you to review. The bot will manage activity from your data.

It is programmed the way you want it to be. If you want you can bulk delete some past posts or unlike posts. And if the bot deleted something that you want to recover it has its own backup data from your timeline.

A Bot that will help you clear your history if you like and manage your activity log to be organized.

It’s easy for a bot to delete Facebook posts especially if you also using its chrome extension.

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How can I delete all my Facebook posts at once?

You can delete Facebook posts at once in your Facebook account if you view your Facebook activity and then you selected posts to be deleted and click the delete button.

You can also use bulk delete to entirely delete the past posts entirely. On Facebook, you can easily remove posts.

There are three dots on Facebook that you click to see different options to delete multiple posts at once.

Facebook manager, Facebook post, posts manager, post manager

Will the bot that handles my Facebook post threaten my privacy?

No, it cannot. The bot will just manage posts and nothing else.

The bot will not threaten any of your privacy because it is just managing the posts that you have created.

Only you can access your privacy. Your old posts on Facebook will not be leaked outside if you do not permit them.

Can I view my old Facebook posts?

Yes, you can. You can view it. It was hidden from your timeline and it has a date and tags in it. if you want to delete it there is a delete button and confirmation button that you just need to click to completely erase your selected posts to be erased.

From your posted past post or even in page and facebook activity or interaction with your friends.

Make some edits to what’s in your timeline.

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