Messenger Bot – Scope, Introduction, & Requirements

Messenger Bot Scope, Introduction, & Requirements-fb

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This post provides the user with a detailed walk-through of the various workflows of the Messenger Bot web application. The primary focus is to demonstrate step-by-step processes involved in managing and monitoring the Messenger Bot for marketing, sales, and support.


Messenger Bot is a software application that provides an Artificial Intelligence-based service to users to control different customer services, sales, and marketing features. It allows software-based control to revolutionize conventional ways to conduct businesses. It provides an automated comment feature, automated messenger tools for better customer service, and a posting feature.

Messenger Bot consists of a dashboard to help users monitor different statistics of the collected information. The dashboard helps users to visualize the various aspects of the application thus providing better solutions. It comes with search tools, to help its users analyze their website. The Messenger Bot is a user-end application used to optimize social interactions and providing a direct line of communication between the customer and their problem.


  • Internet Connectivity: Required
  • Recommended Browser: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

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