Messenger Bot – Search Tools

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Search Tools

Search Tools feature allows you to manage all compare the website and help you search hashtags.

To view this section, navigate to Search Tools from the navigation menu located at the left and click on it.

Messenger Bot - Search Tools 1

    A screen containing the following two sections will appear:

    For this section, we only have a Website Comparison demo.

    Website comparison

    You can compare two websites by using this feature. To access the Website comparison section, select the Actions option from the Website comparison section.

    Messenger Bot - Search Tools 2
    1. A Website comparison screen will appear.
    2. Enter both the websites to be compared in the Website and Competitor website field respectively.
    3. Hit Search.
    Messenger Bot - Search Tools 3

    A website comparison report will appear on the screen.

    Messenger Bot - Search Tools 4

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