Streak vs Hubspot: Which CRM Software is Better for B2B Marketing?

streak vs hubspot

B2B marketing is all about numbers, whether it’s your sales figures for the last quarter or lead generation results from a new campaign.

In this blog post, we will compare Streak and Hubspot to determine which is better for B2B Marketing. There are many features that make these two companies different from one another. For example, Streak has a lot of tools that help you automate your social media marketing and customer service interactions. Hubspot, on the other hand, offers more comprehensive analytics than anything else out there. Both have their pros and cons but they’re still both great platforms with a ton of potential!

HubSpot vs Streak: General Overview

HubSpot is one of the world’s leading inbound marketing software. It gives you all the tools to grow your business including a CRM, blog publishing platform, website management system, and powerful analytics. Hubspot is designed for modern marketers with its intuitive interface that helps regardless of whether they are experts or newbies in the digital marketing industry.

Streak is a CRM software with an email tracking feature. The main advantage of the tool is that it’s intuitive, easy to use, and can be accessed on any device. It also serves as a marketing platform for entrepreneurs who are looking for new ways to improve their business performance.

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What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a CRM software that allows marketers to organize their tasks, pipeline, and metrics—all in one place. With this tool, you can manage your leads by assigning them scores based on how they interact with your business.

This score is called the Customer Rating Score (CRS), which provides valuable insight into whether or not prospects are interested in what you have to offer.

With HubSpot, you’ll be able to see all of your marketing and sales data in one place, which will allow you to make smarter decisions about how to move forward with each lead.

What is Streak?

Streak is a fantastic CRM software that allows users to manage multiple relationships with clients and other business partners. It is an excellent choice for sales teams who need help keeping track of their prospects, as well as customer support representatives (CSRs) working in tech startups or enterprise businesses.

HubSpot vs Streak: What Makes the Two Different?

How do businesses know which CRM software to choose? When it comes down to making a decision, there are many factors that play into the process. For example, some companies might have different needs for their business campaigns than others do. Besides that, there is always room for improvement with all products used in various settings. With this being said, it is important to be aware of the differences between HubSpot and Streak in order to decide which one works best for your business.


This comparison will help you make an informed decision on whether or not HubSpot, a popular CRM software choice, fits your needs better than Streak does. By reading this post, you will also learn about Streak’s features and get tips on how to find the right CRM tool for your company.

Pros of HubSpot

HubSpot’s pros are its inbound marketing tools, including website visitor tracking and lead scoring.

HubSpot also offers an extensive selection of integrations with third-party apps, which makes it easy to find the right fit for your business needs.

With HubSpot’s CRM software integration, you can streamline data from multiple sources into one place where you can view and measure the performance of your contacts, deals, and marketing initiatives.

Another pro is its content management system (CMS), which allows you to create amazing-looking websites without any coding experience or software installation.

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Pros of Streak

Streak’s pros are its key capabilities, which provide a robust CRM solution for BtoB marketers. For example, Streak’s lead management tool helps users to track leads throughout their sales cycle by highlighting the status of each lead in one place. The software also has an activity feed that displays all updates made on any connected accounts to keep everyone up-to-date on new information.

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What tools integrate with HubSpot?

HubSpot integrates with a variety of tools, including Google Analytics and Adwords.

Integrating HubSpot with your existing tools provides an accurate view into each tool’s data to provide you with the most complete picture possible about what is working in your marketing campaigns. For example, if you are using both HubSpot and Pardot for lead management, sales can use the HubSpot Sales app to pull Pardot data into their CRM. This integration is very helpful for salespeople, as it gives them a complete view of all leads/contacts in one platform—and makes doing your job much easier!

Integrating with Google AdWords provides you with more accurate reporting on how well your advertising efforts are performing. By linking your AdWords account to HubSpot, you can easily see which keywords are generating leads and how much they cost per lead—very helpful information when optimizing future campaigns!

Integrating with Google Analytics allows marketers to view their full-funnel data in one place. This is crucial for evaluating the performance of each channel’s marketing efforts (from website visits to conversions) and using that data to further improve marketing ROI.

What tools integrate with Streak?

Streak is a powerful CRM platform that integrates with tools like Leadfeeder, Mailshake, and even Google Sheets. With this integration, users can easily create custom workflows for their campaigns to increase productivity levels.


In addition, it also works well with other popular apps such as Gmail or Slack which makes Streak the perfect tool not only for marketing but also for sales.

Streak vs HubSpot CRM Features Comparison

Streak is an email-based CRM that helps marketers and salespeople manage their prospects. HubSpot, on the other hand, offers a complete marketing suite for BtoB companies which includes both inbound and outbound projects.


Both tools have similar features such as contact management with notes and history of previous interactions between sender and receiver, task management, and pipeline development.


The main difference between the two is that HubSpot provides a complete marketing suite for BtoB companies which includes both inbound and outbound projects while Streak is an email-based CRM that helps marketers manage their prospects.

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Ease of Use

Ease of use is a huge factor in marketing. In a world where businesses are getting bombarded with hundreds of emails every day, they need to be able to find what they’re looking for as fast as possible before losing interest and deleting the email. While some tools have very simple interfaces that require little training or technical know-how, others take longer to figure out how they work.

HubSpot’s ease of use is off the charts. Its interface is clean and modern, it integrates with dozens of other apps so you don’t have to switch back and forth between screens, has a ton of customizable templates that can be used for different purposes such as email blasts or webinars, and also comes with pre-made reports that show key metrics like open rate, click-through rate, and so on.

Streak’s ease of use isn’t as great as HubSpot’s because it doesn’t have the same amount of templates or integrations with other apps. It does however come with a very powerful feature that allows you to create pop-up forms that are displayed on your website. This means you can collect emails across all of the different pages on your site, allowing for a more complete list of contacts who have shown interest in what you’re selling.

In terms of Ease of Use, HubSpot is the clear winner. It has fewer features than Streak, but they’re easier to use and have a much more modern interface that appeals to people who are used to working with apps on their phone or computer every day.

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Templates are a great way to save time and have consistency in content. Templates are pre-made pieces of text that you can use as a basis for your own work.

Having templates available is extremely helpful if multiple people handle the marketing process because it ensures that everything looks uniform. Without templates, there would be a lot of copy/pasting done, which can result in issues.

HubSpot’s templates are easy to find and use. They are broken down into categories of ‘marketing’, ‘sales’, ‘blog’ etc, so you can easily locate the template that you need.

With HubSpot’s templates, it is possible to customize them with your own colors or logo if necessary. It only takes a few minutes to get started using the template of your choice.

Streak’s templates are quite minimalistic, which can be positive or negative depending on how you use them. They consist only of the text itself with no special formatting options to make it appear more professional-looking if necessary.

However, this does mean that there is one less step in creating content and getting started.

In terms of Templates, HubSpot is the obvious choice. Their templates are more versatile and customizable, so it should be a breeze to use them for all of your content needs.

Streak’s minimalistic approach works well if you don’t need any special formatting options or logos included in your blog posts. However, it does come with some limitations that HubSpot can avoid.

User Interface

User Interface plays a big role in marketing. When you are trying to land, nurture, and close deals for your company using CRM software it is important that the user interface of the application makes this process as easy as possible so you can focus on other tasks at hand.

HubSpot’s user interface is very intuitive and it’s easy to get started with. You can easily learn the user interface in a few hours, if not minutes.

Hubspot will have an easier learning curve and is great for marketing teams who want to spend less time learning the user interface and more time using it.

Streak’s user interface is a bit more complex and takes some time to learn. It has a lot of great features but if you are not used to this type of CRM software it can be difficult to use from the beginning.

Streak is also known for having an efficient design that makes it simple to use while still maintaining all of its powerful features including smart email tracking, one-click lead generation, and more.

In terms of the user interface, both applications are great and it will depend on your personal preference as to which one you like better. If you want something that is easy to use from the beginning, go with HubSpot but if you prefer a more complex design and more features choose Streak.

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Platforms Supported

Platforms supporter is a very important factor in marketing because your business needs to be able to reach out and connect with everyone.

A lot of people use different devices when browsing the internet, so it is crucial for an online company to have multiple platforms supported. This will allow you to communicate and engage better with potential customers through whatever device they might be using. It also helps to target certain demographics more effectively.

The platforms supported by HubSpot are Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The platforms supported by Streak are Gmail, Outlook Web App (OWA), Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.

HubSpot has a wider range of social media platforms to market on which is an advantage for Hubspot over Streak because there are not as many opportunities when it comes to marketing with different social media platforms.

The streak has more email options, which is a huge advantage especially when it comes to sales and customer support because businesses usually have one primary platform that they use for business purposes. Having this option makes Streak superior in some sense over Hubspot.

In terms of platforms supported, HubSpot is the winner. This is because it gives companies more options to market with and allows for better targeting.

The streak has the advantage when it comes down to email, which may be an important factor depending on what your company needs are. Businesses will want HubSpot over Streak if they use social media platforms frequently or have a large team that uses different platforms to communicate.

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Customer Support

Customer Support is the backbone of any company. There is no point in having a product or service if nobody can help you with it! This is why customer support plays such an important role and should be one of your top priorities when choosing marketing software for BtoB companies.

Hubspot’s Customer Support is fairly limited. You can access it through email or phone, which is not that great for BtoB companies as many leads and clients prefer communicating via chat. On the other hand, Streak offers a pretty amazing customer support system- you get to communicate with your assigned representative using WhatsApp! No matter where they are located around the world, all of your representatives will be available on WhatsApp- meaning you can always get in touch with them.

In terms of Customer Support, Streak is definitely the winner. They have more channels for communication and offer a better customer support system overall. HubSpot, on the other hand, has a fairly limited customer support system that is not very effective.

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Chat Integration

Chat Integration is the ability to communicate with customers via real-time chat. Simply put, it allows you to quickly answer any questions that your customer may have without having them leave their inbox. This is important for BtoB marketing because many of them are operating within a limited time frame and need quick answers like ASAP (as soon as possible).

HubSpot’s Chat Integration allows you to answer any questions that your customer may have, but the chat feature is only available in Enterprise packages.

Streak’s Chat Integration allows you to instantly communicate with customers via real-time chat and can be enabled or disabled depending on what level package a company subscribes to.

Streak’s Chat Integration allows you to answer any questions that your customer may have and it is available for all plans.

In terms of Chat Integration, Streak is the clear winner because it allows all plans to communicate with customers via chat and does not require a monthly subscription.

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing, as the name suggests, is a marketing method that works by attracting customers to you rather than trying to go out and get attention. It’s about providing useful content for your target audience as opposed to using paid ads or banners on third-party websites – which can be expensive – in order to drive visitors who may not even know what they want at first.

Inbound marketing works because you’re providing a solution to your visitor’s pain point, instead of trying to sell them something. It’s about solving their problem and gradually converting those leads into customers who are ready to buy from you – not a cold audience clicking on an ad that doesn’t provide any value or interest for them.

HubSpot’s inbound marketing platform contains a number of features that marketers can use to attract new leads, convert them into paying customers and keep in touch with them afterward. You can use inbound marketing tactics on its own or integrate them with HubSpot’s CRM tool, which provides sales teams with a single platform for managing all of their leads. Even if you’re just starting out and have no email list yet, the software has built-in tools that allow marketers to generate one using web forms embedded on pages across their website.

Streak’s inbound marketing is limited to its email marketing features. You can set up drip campaigns, send targeted messages based on user behavior and build personalized follow-up sequences that prompt your leads to buy from you at the right time – but it doesn’t provide some of HubSpot’s other marketing tools for attracting new customers like landing pages or lead generation forms. It also lacks the ability to manage your leads effectively or send newsletters.

In terms of Inbound Marketing, HubSpot is better for marketers who want to use a single platform that covers all of their marketing needs and allows them to attract, convert and retain customers. Streak’s Inbound Marketing tools are more limited in scope; they’re only good for email-based campaigns even though the software has other useful features like CRM integration and powerful analytics capabilities.

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Lead Management

Lead Management is a process of tracking and nurturing your leads. In marketing, you have to ensure that the correct people are targeted with effective ads so they can turn into customers. You also have to track these individuals from when they first see an ad until they become buyers.

HubSpot’s Lead Management is very advanced. By using the HubSpot CRM, you can track basic information about your leads such as name, email address, and company they work for. You also have an option to choose which campaign each lead belongs to in order to measure traffic sources more accurately. However, this isn’t enough if you don’t use it alongside other tools like Google Analytics.

Streak’s Lead Management is more straightforward. All you need to do is send your leads an email with a unique link in it that tracks each user’s data when they click on the link and enter their information into the fields of a pop-up form or sign up via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The data is then fed directly into your email list.

In terms of Lead Management, HubSpot is more advanced. You can track and nurture your leads by using the HubSpot CRM as well as other tools like Google Analytics to gain a better understanding of how many people visit each page on your website, which pages they visited before converting into a lead and so much more information that you need to know in order to optimize user experience for your website visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

streak vs hubspot, streak crm vs hubspot, streak to hubspot, hubspot and streak

What is the difference between sales CRM, marketing CRM, and service CRM?

Sales CRM is a top-down approach to managing sales. It focuses on increasing the number of qualified leads that are ready for Sales’ follow up which allows them to take advantage of their time with customers during meetings and calls.

Marketing CRM is an integrated customer data platform designed specifically for marketing professionals, allowing you to track the impact of your campaigns as well as make data-driven decisions for future marketing efforts.

Service CRM software helps you to provide better customer service, increase sales and deliver a higher quality product or service by analyzing the needs of customers and employees.

Combining marketing, sales, and service help to keep all your customer data in one place. This is essential for understanding the complete picture of your customer’s journey with you.

The difference between Sales CRM, Marketing CRM, and Service CRM is that Sales CRM focuses on increasing the number of qualified leads for sales to follow up with during meetings.

Marketing CRM software helps you track the impact your campaigns are having as well as make data-driven decisions about future marketing efforts.

Service CRMs help you provide better customer service, increase sales and deliver a higher quality product or service by analyzing the needs of customers.

What are some alternatives to HubSpot and Streak?

HubSpot’s alternatives include Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, and Infusionsoft because they are all marketing automation platforms having features like lead nurturing, contact management, and email marketing. Aside from that, there is Salesforce, the industry leader in CRM software.

On the other hand, Streak’s top alternatives include Mailchimp and as both of them are marketing automation platforms also but with a different approach like allowing users to send automated emails or track email opens. However, it can be noted that all these tools have a free plan.

Streak’s alternatives include if you are looking for a CRM that focuses on sales & Quip because they both offer basic features similar to Streak with their own unique benefits. (Do not write numbers or bullet points.)

Zoho CRM and Highrise by 37 Signals are alternatives to Streak because they both have a free plan. Aside from that, they provide advanced features that Streak doesn’t have.

If you are looking for a CRM with similar features as HubSpot, then Salesforce Pardot is one of the best choices because it’s widely used by businesses who want a powerful marketing automation software and sales force automation tool.

Which is the better CRM software?

The better CRM software choice depends on what you’re looking for. Hubspot is more expensive but it comes with a lot of great features that make lead management and marketing automation easy, including email templates, form building tools, social media integration, and analytics to measure your ROI. For small businesses who have the budget, Hubspot is likely going to be worth the cost because it is so comprehensive. For companies who are on a tighter budget, Streak has everything you need without the extra bells and whistles that may not be worth it for smaller businesses with fewer leads to manage or market to.

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