Apps to Increase Your Sales: Monday vs HubSpot vs Messenger Bot

monday vs hubspot

It’s no secret that sales are important for any business. That is why there are so many apps available to help businesses grow their sales. One of the most popular ones is Monday, which focuses on helping businesses generate more leads and close them faster. If you’re looking for a similar app, but don’t want to pay monthly fees or have an annual contract, check out HubSpot! This app also helps with generating leads but doesn’t require payment unless you plan on using it long-term. Of course, if you need something more than just lead generation and management we recommend signing up for a chatbot!

Introduction to HubSpot

HubSpot is a software platform that helps businesses build marketing and sales activities to grow their customer base. It provides an easy way for companies to find more customers through search, social media, email marketing campaigns.

HubSpot has a number of apps and tools to help you grow your sales.

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Introduction to Monday

Monday is a sales acceleration platform that helps businesses reach their customers in more relevant and personal ways.

The company has two main product offerings: Sales Navigator, which is used to find the right accounts for outreach; and Engagement Hub, which provides tools to manage response rates through automated follow-up emails.

There are also some integrations available with other apps like Gmail and Slack.

The company was founded in 2013 by Andy Kurtzig, Steve Garrity, and Alex Bard.

Monday has raised $50M from investors such as NEA (New Enterprise Associates), GV (Google Ventures), and Salesforce Ventures that have helped the business grow to over 400 employees across offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and London.

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Introduction to Messenger Bot App

Messenger Bot App is a way for companies to create automated chatbots that can interact with customers on Facebook Messenger. It is one of the latest ways businesses are using artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to boost their sales while also providing a better customer service experience.

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Monday vs HubSpot vs Messenger Bot Features Comparison

Boosting your sales is certainly no easy task.

With so many different marketing tools out there, it can be difficult to know which is best for your company.

To help you decide, we’ve outlined the most notable features of three popular sales apps below: Monday vs HubSpot vs Messenger Bot.

This way you can easily compare the best features of the apps before making a decision!

MailChimp vs Zoho vs Messenger Bot Email Marketing Features Comparison

Email marketing tools are available in abundance today. Choosing the best one for your business is a tiring task, to say the least. Zoho vs Mailchimp vs Messenger Bot is all email marketing tools that offer exciting features and simplify tasks like creating subscription forms, sending bulk emails, etc., at an affordable price point. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer and how you can benefit from it.

In short, there is no clear winner here-it all depends on what your business needs are.

Monday vs HubSpot Marketing

Marketing features are important to boost sales because they help you reach new customers and keep the ones that already love your brand.

Marketing features can also be used to identify how many people visit your website, potential leads, best-performing products or services, etc.  Let’s compare the marketing features of each platform.

Monday’s marketing features are limited to basic analytics, website updates, and social media management.

HubSpot’s marketing features include everything that Monday has plus email automation, landing pages, SEO tools, and advanced analytics.

The Messenger Bot is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot for Facebook messenger which allows users to complete certain tasks without having them leave their inbox or go to your website.

Monday’s main advantage is that it is free if you are using Google Analytics so you can save money on marketing features until you really need them.

HubSpot requires an annual fee but has the most robust set of features for increasing sales.

The Messenger Bot is the newest platform which means that users are still getting used to it and learning its limitations.

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Monday CRM vs HubSpot CRM

CRM (customer relationship management) is a system that centralizes all the data related to your customers and their interactions with you in one place.

Monday provides an intuitive, easy-to-use CRM built specifically for small businesses like yours that want more than just email marketing tools: it’s a complete sales stack.

Hubspot CRM, on the other hand,  is a CRM that has been built from the ground up with small businesses in mind.

Technically, Messenger Bot App does not have a built-in CRM but can work with a number of CRM systems to make managing relationships easier. Messenger Bot App has features that can help you manage customer relationships.

If you’re not using any other type of software for your sales processes, then an automated chatbot might be just what you need.

Overall, these CRM systems can help you boost your sales. When it comes to CRM, Monday and HubSpot CRM are the top two choices for small businesses.

If you’re not using any other type of software for your sales processes, then an automated chatbot might be just what you need.

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Lead Management Features

Lead management features help you easily track and follow up with leads as they move through your sales pipeline. Having a system in place to manage your leads will help you engage with them more proactively, and ultimately increase sales.

Lead management features are especially important if you’re using a tool that integrates with other tools for the rest of your marketing stack. For example, marketers who use HubSpot appreciate its well-rounded suite of lead generation tools — which include email automation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and reporting — all in one central platform.

Monday, on the other hand, primarily integrates with Salesforce, which can make it difficult to integrate your other marketing tools. (explain how Monday does lead management.

Monday also lacks reporting tools, so you won’t be able to create custom reports or dashboards with your leads data. You can use Monday’s Lead Management Tool (which is separate from the CRM), which lets you tag and assign leads to sales reps, as well as view lead history.

You can also use Zapier’s automation tools to integrate Monday with the rest of your marketing stack. That way, if a new contact is added on Monday or an existing one changes status (e.g., from “prospect” to “suspect”), you can automatically create a new task in your CRM or update the lead’s status.

The Messenger Bot is another way to easily manage leads, but it doesn’t offer all of the features that Monday does. For example, using Messenger Bots you can view and respond to messages from contacts in multiple channels (e.g., email, text, Facebook), but you can’t view your sales pipeline.

Finally, Messenger Bot App is primarily used for lead generation when you need a quick response from someone on the go.

HubSpot is our winner here because of its well-rounded suite of features that help marketers manage leads throughout their entire sales funnel. That’s why it’s a great tool to use if you’re looking for an all-in-one marketing and sales platform.

Monday is our runner-up because of its integrations with other key tools in the modern marketer’s stack, such as HubSpot.

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Campaign Management Features

Campaign management features are important to consider in a tool because it ensures that your campaign marketing is integrated into the product. Without these features, it may be hard to track your campaign’s performance and know that it is helping you reach your customer base.

Campaign management features also allow for multiple users to access the tool at once, so more people can work on the same project simultaneously. This ensures that no one falls behind in their tasks or gets left out of a conversation about how well the campaign is going.

By including a comprehensive set of these features, it makes your marketing campaigns easier to plan and run for everyone involved.

Monday is a flexible and efficient tool, with most of the features marketers need to run an effective campaign. It allows for many users to access it at once, which is perfect for collaboration on larger projects, such as ad campaigns or email blasts with multiple people involved in them.

The user can create tasks that are due during certain periods of time; this ensures that all participants are working on the campaign at different paces.

Additionally, Monday allows for multiple users to collaborate over different projects simultaneously; this means no one will get left behind in a project and can work on it without having to wait until someone else has finished their tasks. This makes collaborations much easier and more efficient since everyone is always aware of what’s going on.

Monday is also great for running ad campaigns, as it features both Facebook and Google Analytics integrations to track your campaign performance over time. This makes sure that the campaign is actually reaching out to new potential customers in a cost-effective manner so you can spend more money where it matters most.

HubSpot has many of the same features as Monday, making them a great choice for campaign management.

Their main goal is to help businesses grow and succeed through marketing and advertising efforts; this means they offer comprehensive tools that allow marketers to run effective campaigns with ease. They provide the ability to create tasks within different stages of your project so no one falls behind or gets left out.

The company also offers many integrations for other tools that can help you run your ad campaigns, which is great if you are already using certain products to boost sales. It ensures all of the data is in one place so it’s easier to track what works and what doesn’t when planning different projects or campaigns.

HubSpot has a similar feature to Monday called the Content Marketing Hub, which allows marketers easy access to all of their assets in one place. This is great for collaboration because everyone can find everything they need about a project with ease and know that it’s always up-to-date without worrying someone else has already changed or updated something on there.

The main difference between Monday and HubSpot is that the latter offers more tools for marketers to run other types of campaigns, such as social media or email marketing. This makes it easier to manage everything in one place without having to switch back and forth between different programs, which can slow you down when trying to finish tasks on time.

Messenger Bot used by businesses has become very popular because of how simple it is to run campaigns. It doesn’t require any complex coding knowledge, so anyone can create a chatbot that will reach out to customers and convert them into potential buyers or current clients.

Since Messenger Bots are automated, they cut down on the time needed to implement different strategies for reaching new customers; this ensures that the chatbot is able to do most of the work for you.

It also makes it easier to test different strategies and run multiple campaigns at once because there’s no need to worry about switching between tools or codes; this lets marketers concentrate on their other projects without having time to eat up all of their valuable resources.

The main downside is that Messenger Bots are only on Messenger (Facebook and Instagram) and websites, so it’s not available on all platforms. It can be difficult to reach potential customers who are using different social media apps or mobile devices without having the chatbot integrated into multiple places.

That being said, Messenger Bots have many benefits that make them a great choice for businesses looking to grow their customer base through digital outreach. The simplicity of the program’s interface and use make it a great choice for those who are new to marketing or simply don’t have time to learn how to code their own chatbot from scratch.

Overall, Monday, HubSpot, and Messenger Bots are all great choices for running ad campaigns to increase your sales. Each program has its own unique features that make it a good choice; however, the biggest drawback is its lack of integrations on other social media apps and websites outside of Messenger (Facebook and Instagram).

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Contact Management Features

Your contacts are your lifeline to new revenue. Without a robust contact management system, you’ll have no way of tracking who’s been contacted and when or which leads are most promising.

Effective sales teams don’t just manage their contacts once — they continue the conversation over time to build rapport with potential buyers and turn them into paying customers down the road. The best CRM tools allow you to do just that, giving you a way of tracking and nurturing your contacts over time.

A good contact management system will help ensure the right conversations happen at the right times by allowing reps to quickly access information on their prospects’ needs and goals as well as related accounts or similar opportunities they’ve worked with previously (and can thus reference in follow-up conversations).

It’s also important to consider the type of contact management features you need. There are three main factors that can help drive your decision: whether you want a single view of all contacts, how much automation capabilities for nurturing or following up with leads you require, and how many different roles will be using this system.

One way to quickly increase your sales is by ensuring you have the right tools in place for each job or role so that everyone on your team can work efficiently without stepping on one another’s toes. This starts with choosing a CRM tool that will allow you to manage all contacts in one system yet still give different users access only to the information that’s relevant to them.

At Monday, our goal is to provide businesses with the best all-in-one marketing solution possible — meaning everything from managing contacts and leads to creating posts for social media should be available in one single platform. While other tools may have features you could use elsewhere (like contact management or social posting), Monday’s tools were built to work together and provide businesses with an unparalleled experience.

On the other hand, HubSpot is known for its marketing automation tools, not contact management — though it’s still a great option. HubSpot offers features that many of the best CRMs don’t have, including campaign and lead scoring as well as more robust reporting capabilities.

Hubspot isn’t quite an all-in-one solution like Monday but rather a platform you can use to get your entire marketing strategy in place — including generating leads and onboarding customers. When you sign up for HubSpot, you’ll receive a dedicated account manager who will work with you to create custom content calendars so that every post or email sent out is relevant to the prospect’s stage of their buyer journey (and thus more likely to convert).

Lastly, Messenger Bot App is a great option for those who have their marketing automation in place but aren’t quite ready to make the investment into an all-in-one CRM. Messenger Bots allow you to automate your sales process by sending leads immediate, relevant messages as they come through on their phone — no matter if it’s during business hours or out of the office. It’s a great way to ensure you’re always in front of your prospects and ready for the next step, but it doesn’t provide all the same features as Monday or HubSpot.

Overall, Messenger Bot is a great option for those who don’t need the fully-featured contact management of Monday or all-inclusive marketing automation tools like HubSpot.

In terms of contact management features, Monday offers a full suite of tools, including automated lead scoring to make sure you’re spending your time on the right opportunities.

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Email Marketing Features

Email marketing is the first step to success when it comes to online sales.

What is important about email marketing? This includes your emails, open rates, spam reports and so much more. When you are considering tools to increase your sales, this should be one of the main components on your list. Since most people check their email multiple times a day, it is a great way to catch their eye and make a sale.

With Monday, you can send out emails that are personalized no matter the industry or product/service you need for your company.

In addition, with HubSpot’s email marketing features, all of this information will be tracked as well as who opens it and what they click on. This is not something you can get with other email marketing tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

With Messenger, the data tracking capabilities are endless and all of this information will be shown to help boost your sales pitch.

All of these options will show detailed information about what works best for each customer that opens an email or responds to your chat messenger bot. Also, you can send automated emails and track your email drip campaigns in Messenger Bot App.

Overall, email marketing is a great way to increase sales, but you also need tools that are going to track your success.

If you want detailed information about what works for your customers and how they respond, Monday is best with HubSpot coming in second place. If you are looking more into chat messenger bots then Messenger Bot App will be able to do all of this and more.

You can see in all of these options, they are great for increasing sales but the best option is going to depend on what you need it for.

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Lead Nurturing Features

Lead nurturing is the process of keeping your existing customers engaged with you. As a business, it’s important to make sure that your leads feel like they’re still in touch and cared for after their first purchase or contact with you. It can be easy to get excited about trying new marketing tools because of all the promises of increased sales, but if those tools don’t provide the nurturing features you need, then they’re not going to be worth it.

Monday has a feature called “My Day” where your leads can receive personalized content about things that matter to them personally (like their interests or company updates).

HubSpot has a feature similar to “My Day” called “Inbox”, where you can send drip emails based on your leads’ behavior and preferences. Another lead nurturing feature HubSpot offers is “smart CTAs”, which allow you to send automated messages based on the content your leads are engaging with (or even if they’re opening or clicking through an email).

Messenger Bot is great for nurturing because it’s an easy way to connect with potential customers in the medium they’re most comfortable using (messenger) without having to dedicate any other resources. Messenger Bot App can be set up to have certain rules about what a lead receives and when. It’s one of the best ways for businesses who use them because it takes no extra time to set up.

In terms of lead nurturing features, Monday is a great option for those businesses who want to engage with their leads right away. HubSpot has some great nurturing features as well, but they require you set up drip emails and smart CTAs – which can take more time than most business owners have available. Messenger Bots are the simplest way to boost sales because it’s an easy way to reach your leads where they’re most comfortable.

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Workflow Management Features

Workflows are the way to go with a tool like this. You can assign tasks and make multiple stops in your workflow or you can use a single step for a quick campaign.

Monday has the most robust workflow management features of all three. HubSpot comes in second and then Messenger Bot with a close third.

Monday’s workflow management features include:

-Assigning tasks to various members of your team with different levels of access so you can work together on the campaign.

-You can create multiple steps that lead into each other, or use a single step for quick campaigns like Messenger Bot does (HubSpot doesn’t give you this option.)

-The ability to see what steps have been completed and what remains to be done.

-Reassigning tasks that were left undone after the person who was assigned those duties is no longer available (HubSpot doesn’t allow you to reassign, Messenger Bot does.)

On the other hand, HubSpot’s workflow management features include:

-You can create multiple steps that lead into each other, or use a single step for quick campaigns like Messenger Bot does (Monday doesn’t give you this option.)

-HubSpot also has the ability to see what steps have been completed and what remains to be done.  And if someone who was assigned tasks is no longer available, you can reassign the tasks to someone else.

-HubSpot allows for more team members with varying levels of access than Monday but not as many as Messenger Bot.  You also have less flexibility in assigning people specific roles that are required on certain steps compared to both other tools.

Messenger Bot’s workflow management features include:

-A single-step workflow that allows you to quickly launch a campaign.

-You can only use the Messenger Bot with one team member and no other people have access, so it’s best used for some simple tasks like sending emails or reminding customers of their appointments at specific times.

In terms of workflow management features, Monday is the most robust of all three tools.  It’s great for teams with many members, and allows you to create multiple steps that lead into each other or use a single step for quick campaigns like Messenger Bot does (HubSpot doesn’t give you this option.)

You can see what steps have been completed and what remains to be done on Monday, and if someone who was assigned tasks is no longer available you can reassign the tasks to someone else.  Monday also allows for more team members with varying levels of access than Messenger Bot does.

HubSpot comes in second place when it comes to workflow management features because while HubSpot has great options for teams that want multiple steps and people to be assigned different roles, it’s still not as robust or flexible as Monday.  HubSpot also only allows for one team member and no other people have access so it’s best used for simple tasks like sending emails or reminding customers of their appointments at specific times (Messenger Bot doesn’t give you that option.)

Lastly, Messenger Bot’s single-step workflow is great for quickly launching a campaign.  However, you can only use the Messenger bot with one team member and no other people have access so it’s best used for some simple tasks like sending emails or reminding customers of their appointments at specific times.

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If your tools don’t play well together (or if the ones you use aren’t compatible with a specific CRM), it can impact how successful your marketing is overall. When integrating between tools, you need to make sure they can communicate with each other in the ways that are most important for your business.

Monday integrates with over 50 tools, including Google Analytics and Zapier.

HubSpot has an extensive list of integrations as well, with over 200 options to choose from.

Messenger Bot App, on the other hand, integrates with Zapier, WooCommerce, Google sheets, and JSON API. These integrations allow you to send data like product inventory, order history, and more.

While both Monday and HubSpot have a wide variety of integrations available for their users, Messenger Bot App takes it one step further by integrating directly with key business tools that your sales team is likely already using — no need to switch between apps!

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Ease of Use

A tool that’s difficult to use won’t help your sales team at all. It might even cause them to become less effective as they struggle with the new technology and spend time learning how it works than actually using it for its intended purpose.

No matter which tool you choose, make sure that ease of use is a top priority in order to get the most out of it.

Monday is the easiest to use of all three apps. With Monday, sales teams can create messages with pre-written text and then just click on which contacts they want to send them out to.

HubSpot is slightly more difficult than Monday because it requires users to build campaigns through their marketing automation platform first before creating messages in HubSpot CRM. Sales teams will have to spend time learning HubSpot CRM and how it integrates with their marketing automation platform. This integration isn’t a huge hurdle, but the process of sending messages is slightly more involved than simply clicking contacts in Monday.

Messenger Bot App is easy to use because it’s embedded into your website and customers go directly to the page where they can send messages. This makes it even easier than Monday because there is no other tool (like HubSpot) that sales teams have to learn how to use in order to get started with Messenger Bot App.

Overall, Monday is the easiest to use of all three apps. It’s also the cheapest, which makes it a great option for sales teams on any budget.


Functionality is the most important thing to consider when finding a tool that will help increase your sales. For example, Messenger Bot has become increasingly popular in recent months and companies are beginning to use them as an essential part of their customer service strategy.

Monday’s main focus is on tracking and analytics as it allows users to see which of their marketing efforts are working, providing them with data that they can use to improve sales. HubSpot has a more traditional structure compared to Monday by focusing more on managing your social media presence and blogging schedule/analytics. Messenger Bot’s biggest benefit is the ease of use as it can be installed on a website and used to automate messages.

Overall, Monday is the best option for sales representatives looking to increase their sales. It provides users with data that they can use to improve marketing efforts, while also improving communication with customers through automated messages on Messenger Bot.

How do their paid plans compare?

Monday’s paid plan costs $10/month, HubSpot’s is at a flat fee of $45/month and Messenger Bot Premium costs $29.99/month. The paid plans of Monday and HubSpot are pretty similar but Messenger Bot’s plan has a more affordable price for smaller teams with lots of features.

What spurs paying and non-paying HubSpot users to look for an alternative?

HubSpot users sometimes look for an alternative to HubSpot because the platform is too complex or expensive. Their messaging has become stale, and they are looking elsewhere for a new marketing solution. For some companies, Messenger Bots make sense as their next CMS or CRM tool. These bots can be customized with automated responses that link back to your company site or social media page. Your Messenger Bot can be used for customer service, automating messages and content to subscribers, messaging during events, or even pushing product updates directly into the hands of your customers.

What can these apps solve?

Tools that can be used to increase sales are always in high demand. The apps below have the potential to help any company ramp up its revenue by using marketing automation tools that were previously only available for larger companies with bigger budgets.

Monday is an app that enables users to reach every one of their leads personally, increasing conversions and driving better results at a lower cost. It is an all-in-one sales platform that allows companies to manage their entire sales process from one dashboard, with features like contact importing and list building right at the fingertips of users.

HubSpot is a marketing software company that offers some powerful tools for lead generation through blog posts, email newsletters, social media management, landing pages, and website analytics. In addition to these tools, HubSpot also offers a free CRM that can help users keep track of their contacts and follow up on leads more effectively.

Last but not least is Messenger Bot from Facebook, which allows companies to provide personalized messaging with customers through the convenience of an app they already have downloaded onto their phone. Users create automated “bots” to send out information about products, answer questions, and update customers on any news or events they might be interested in.

What do most users dislike about HubSpot and Monday?

HubSpot and Monday both use a lot of shortcodes and embedding tools, which can be frustrating for users who prefer to make their own HTML. It’s also harder to control what kind of content shows up on the blog itself if you’re not using one service or another (especially because HubSpot doesn’t allow much customization at all).

Some people dislike that Monday’s CMS is a lot more difficult to use than HubSpot and that you might need to hire someone for it if your existing team isn’t familiar with the interface.

Although there are a lot of similarities between Monday and HubSpot, it’s important to note that their pricing structures are very different. As far as features go, Monday is the less expensive option because you only pay for what you need (and don’t have to pay extra for integrations or support).

However, many people prefer paying monthly over annually because they don’t want to overpay for unused features.

HubSpot is a great choice if you have an existing team that’s familiar with the tools and don’t mind paying extra for integrations, support, and customization options. Otherwise, Monday might be a better fit because it offers more flexibility at lower prices that are paid monthly rather than annually.

Which is better, HubSpot vs Salesforce vs Monday?

HubSpot, Salesforce, and Monday are all popular tools to increase your sales.

Which do you think is the best? Let’s compare them!

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about HubSpot, Salesforce, and Monday are all various features they offer like email automation or social media management. What might be more important than the features they offer is how often you use these tools.

Is HubSpot really worth it if I am only going to be using one feature? Is Salesforce necessary for my small business of five employees and not-so-frequent social media posts? Will Monday help me get back on track or just add even more noise into my overflowing inbox?

The best way to know which tool is right for you is to try them all out. Yes, it’s expensive but well worth the investment in your business and sanity (if that matters.) Just pick one or two features from each platform so you don’t get overwhelmed with information overload. And after a month of using these tools, ask yourself which one helped you get the most done and made your life easier.

These tools offer free trial versions so try them out and see which one you like best!

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Which CRM should you choose?

Increasing your sales is difficult, but thanks to marketing automation tools like and HubSpot it has never been easier! These apps will help you get more leads in less time so that your sales team can focus on closing deals rather than spending all day prospecting for new business opportunities. But which tool should you choose?

Monday and HubSpot are both great options, but if you’re looking for an added level of personalization then the Messenger Bot may be exactly what you need! This new technology can track everything from product views to time spent on a page before sending follow-up messages, helping your team to quickly identify the best time to reach out.

Monday is great for companies who are looking for an all-inclusive package that can help them with marketing automation and CRM in one place.

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