Messenger Bot – Import Account

Import Account

To make Messenger Bot application function, you need to import your account to it. You can import your Facebook account by selecting the Import Account option from the side navigation bar.

  1. Select the Import Account option from the navigation sidebar. A screen containing Login with Facebook will appear. Messenger Bot - Import Account 1
  2. Select Login in with Facebook.
  3. Continue with your Facebook user profile.Messenger Bot - Import Account 2

Allow all the things that you need then click “OK”.

Messenger Bot - Import Account 3

  • If you are not logged in, then you need to login to your Facebook account to continue.

Messenger Bot - Import Account 4

  1. Once logged in, a list of pages will appear that are associated with your imported Facebook account. Select the pages you want to import by clicking on the square checkboxes next to the names of available pages. Select Next.
Messenger Bot - Import Account 5
  1. Turn on the slider button against the options you want to allow the Messenger Bot Application to perform actions to. The options include, receive your email address, manage your pages, and other management-related permissions.
  • To make Messenger Bot application perform in the most adequate way, allow all management permissions.


  1. Once given the application all permissions, select Done
Messenger Bot - Import Account 6

Your existing Facebook account will be imported to Messenger Bot along with different rights of accessibility and integrations.

Messenger Bot - Import Account 7

Login with Facebook

As mentioned in Accessing Messenger Bot section, one way to access the Messenger Bot application is to login with your Facebook account.

Messenger Bot - Import Account 8

Switch accounts

Once logged in with Facebook, you can manage multiple accounts as well. Select your account profile from the top right of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear containing multiple accounts that are logged in already. You can select any of your accounts based on your requirements and manage the bot settings.

Messenger Bot - Import Account 9

Enable Messenger Bot

Once the account is imported, you need to enable the Messenger Bot application.

  • Select the Messenger Bot - Import Account 10 icon next to the page name.
  • A dialogue box will appear, then select OK to proceed.
Messenger Bot - Import Account 11

Bot connection will now be enabled.

Disable bot connection

To disable the bot connection, you need to select Messenger Bot - Import Account 12 icon next to the name of your Facebook page.

Messenger Bot - Import Account 13

Bot connection will now be disabled.

Delete bot connection

You can delete all bot connections and reset the settings once again by selecting the Messenger Bot - Import Account 14 icon next to the name of your Facebook page.

Messenger Bot - Import Account 15

Delete Facebook Page

You can delete your page from the database by selecting Messenger Bot - Import Account 16 icon against the page name in the page list.

Messenger Bot - Import Account 17
  • To delete any page you need to enable the delete button you need to disable the bot connection by selecting Messenger Bot - Import Account 12 icon.

Delete Facebook account

To delete the Facebook account, select the Messenger Bot - Import Account 19 icon, next to the account’s user name. Deleting the user account will also remove the pages associated with that account.

Messenger Bot - Import Account 20
  • Once deleted, you can still import your account once again and reconfigure it.

Messenger Bot Integration from Facebook

To integrate the Facebook account and manage Messenger Bot permissions from the Facebook platform, follow the steps given below:

  1. Log into Facebook and click Messenger Bot - Import Account 21 in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Click Settings.
Messenger Bot - Import Account 22
  1. Click Apps and Websites on the left.
  2. Click Business Integrations on the left side.
Messenger Bot - Import Account 23
  1. Filter between Active or Removed at the top, or search for Messenger Bot business integration using the search bar to the right.
Messenger Bot - Import Account 24
  1. Click View and Edit next to the Messenger Bot business integration to control the info it has access to.
Messenger Bot - Import Account 25
  1. Adjust your settings by checking or unchecking the boxes next to your information or using the dropdown menus, and then click Save.
Messenger Bot - Import Account 26

Remove Messenger Bot integration

To remove Messenger Bot integration, select Messenger Bot then click Remove > Remove.

If a business integration is:

  • Active: You’ve connected Messenger Bot integration to your account. Messenger Bot can manage your ads, Pages, groups, events, messages, or other business info.

Messenger Bot - Import Account 27

  • Removed: You’ve disconnected Messenger Bot integration from your account. It can no longer manage your ads, Pages, groups, events, messages, or other business info. It’ll also no longer be able to request private info about you, but it may have the info you’ve previously shared.

Messenger Bot - Import Account 28

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