Which one is better? ManyChat vs MobileMonkey vs Messenger Bot

manychat vs mobilemonkey

Do you have a business with an online presence? If so, then chances are you have heard the term chatbot. A chatbot is a computer program that can hold conversations via text or speech, typically in real-time.
Chatbots are often used by businesses to improve their customer service and increase conversion rates.
In this blog post, we will be comparing three of the most popular bots: MobileMonkey vs ManyChat vs Messenger Bot.

What is an AI chatbot?

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An AI chatbot is a computer program that automatically responds to users’ queries in natural language. It is a very simple interface that can help businesses automate their tasks.

AI chatbots are designed to simulate conversation with the user, often used for basic customer service interactions. They are an efficient way to get rid of irrelevant questions or repetitive requests from customers. Customers sometimes have similar queries and all they need is just one message to understand them completely without any hassle.

Well, we know that chatbots are very helpful for companies but what about the customers? They also get benefited from this technology which is why AI chatbot businesses have become so popular nowadays.

What is a chatbot platform?

manychat vs mobilemonkey,mobilemonkey vs manychat,manychat pricing,pros and cons of manychat,manychat review

A chatbot platform is similar to a social media management system, but instead of managing your business presence on Facebook or Twitter, it manages your chatbot.

A chatbot platform can help you create and manage multiple bots across different messaging apps like Messenger, Kik, Skype, etc.

On a chatbot platform, you can create your bot, set up the backend, and connect it with multiple messaging apps. You also have access to analytics about how people are engaging with your bots.

Why chat marketing for agencies?

manychat vs mobilemonkey,mobilemonkey vs manychat,manychat pricing,pros and cons of manychat,manychat review

Chat marketing is important for agencies because it is a new way to reach out to customers, get more leads and increase conversions.

Many agencies are already using chatbots so if you have not given this strategy much thought yet, now might be the time to do that!

Chat marketing allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of automated messages which can be personalized to the audience.

This can give small businesses a chance to compete in their industry against larger brands because they are able to scale up quickly and easily without much labor.

How do you make an intelligent chatbot?

manychat vs mobilemonkey,mobilemonkey vs manychat,manychat pricing,pros and cons of manychat,manychat review

An intelligent chatbot is a chatbot that can understand natural language sentences and respond to them.

An example of this kind of bot would be Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant. These are virtual assistants that you can talk with like they were real people. They understand your questions (usually) and answer them in a natural way.

On the other hand, chatbots that only answer predefined questions are not intelligent bots. They can’t understand anything you ask them – they just have a list of answers to popularly asked questions, and when they receive one of these questions from a user, they say the answer that they’re programmed with.

Intelligent chatbots can know a lot, but because they need to understand requests in natural language, it takes them much longer to “learn” things than other types of bots. If your bot doesn’t receive any questions for several days, it will forget everything you taught him and he’ll be useless again.

A chatbot can be intelligent if you teach it how to understand and answer users’ questions.

To make a bot that can store information and respond on its own, the first thing you need is a good programming language that allows building your software quickly. Nowadays there are chatbot platforms that are built for making chatbots without programming. You can simply connect them to your Facebook or other platforms account and they will do all the work.

In conclusion, an intelligent bot needs much more work from its creator to make it useful.

Why do you need chatbots?

There are many advantages to using an artificial intelligence chatbot over other customer service tools, including they can provide personalized responses and quick assistance.

Furthermore, AI chatbots can process orders, answer questions and provide information in real-time.

The ability to automate customer service is a huge advantage as it frees up your staff for other tasks such as providing higher-value services or making more sales.

* Your employees can focus on more important tasks

* Chatbots can answer questions in real-time

* AI bots work 24/365

* Personalized service without the need for human interaction

* Higher conversion rates and a better customer experience with your brand

What makes a great chatbot builder?

A great chatbot builder can be defined as a platform that has all the necessary tools and features to create an effective chatbot. What makes a great chatbot builder?

A great chatbot builder should have features that enable you to create and design the perfect bot for your business. A good chatbot platform allows you to make changes quickly and easily, while also giving you access to analytics so you can analyze how well your campaign is performing. For example, you should be able to design and edit your chatbots without much trouble. You also want a platform that enables real-time messaging so people can contact the bot at any time of day or night.

A great chatbot builder needs to provide multiple levels of support as well as a knowledge base that will answer the questions you have. You should also be able to easily find a list of FAQs or a searchable database full of common issues and resolutions, as well as an email contact form where you can communicate with customer service representatives directly from within the dashboard.

These are just some of the top features you want to look for in a chatbot builder.

What are the best aI chatbot platforms?

With so many AI chatbot platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your business.

MobileMonkey, ManyChat, and Messenger Bot are all great examples of powerful tools that offer automated systems for engaging with customers on social media via messaging or direct messages on Facebook—as long as you have a Facebook page.

They all offer great, easy-to-use tools that can be implemented into your business’s social media accounts with little effort or training required—but how do you know which one is best for YOU? Let’s take a look at some of the differences between these three popular AI chatbot platforms.

MobileMonkey vsManyChat vs Messenger Bot Features Comparison

manychat vs mobilemonkey,mobilemonkey vs manychat,manychat pricing,pros and cons of manychat,manychat review

A chatbot is an excellent method for increasing engagement, especially on mobile devices. Many chatbots are available to use today that can help increase conversions and sales through your e-commerce store or blog site. Today’s consumers have the attention span of a goldfish, which means you need to keep them engaged in order to maximize your ROI.

Here are  some of the key features to consider when choosing a chatbot platform:

1. Interface

The interface for building a chatbot is extremely important when developing your own bot. e.g. The interface should be easy to use and not require an in-depth knowledge of programming or coding, otherwise, you may spend more time trying to figure out how the platform works than actually creating useful content for your users.

The interface should be simple, yet powerful enough to allow you to create complex bots

MobileMonkey’s interface is highly intuitive and user-friendly. The drag and drop interface makes it extremely easy to manage your chatbot’s workflow, create branches in conversations, add new questions or respond with regular expressions based on keywords from the sentence.

ManyChat has a simple visual builder which enables you to quickly connect boxes together without having to worry about coding anything yourself. Another great feature of ManyChat is the set-up wizard which helps you get started with your first chatbot in minutes.

Messenger Bot’s interface also has a drag and drop user interface that allows you to create an interactive flow for your bot in no time, without writing any code yourself. The visual builder even lets you add custom stickers and emojis to your chatbot and design the look of your bot.

The winner for this round is Messenger Bot, with Manychat coming in second. Although Messenger Bot is still missing some features that are available on MobileMonkey and Manychat, it’s clear that all three platforms have powerful interfaces which enable you to create complex bots quickly without having any knowledge of coding or programming languages.

2. Chatbot Elements

Chatbot elements include:

– Button elements

The button element helps you to create a button for starting the conversation with users. You can choose different types of buttons such as text, image, or video and customize them according to your requirement. There is an option of customizing toolbar under toolbar section which includes settings like font style, size, etc. This will help you to make changes like adding emoji, stickers, etc.

– Text elements

The text element is the main part of the chatbot where all types of text can be added such as static or dynamic texts along with buttons and images. You can also add custom CSS code in this section if required to change font styles, color, etc. The dynamic text includes pre-defined variables like the user’s name, date, and time.

– Image elements

The image element is the best way to grab users’ attention in chatbot marketing campaigns apart from text and buttons. You can use any type of images such as Instagram images or Facebook photos which will work well with your branding message. It also includes custom CSS code which can be used to change the look and feel of the chatbot.

– Video elements

The video element is similar to an image where you can add any type of videos that are supported by Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram platform along with text, buttons, etc. You have an option of customizing the video player which includes settings like autoplay on/off, full-screen option, aspect ratio, etc.

– Webview elements

Webview element allows you to add a custom webpage in chatbot which can be used for lead generation or eCommerce purchase forms on the Facebook Messenger platform. You also have an option of injecting iframe code from your website so that users remain within the Facebook messenger apps without going out. It also includes designers editing code.

These chatbot elements are highly customizable based on your needs so that you can quickly build a chatbot without any coding skills.

MobileMonkey’s chatbot elements are very simple and easy to use. You can add text, images, or buttons with different types of animations in the chatbot builder platform without any coding skills.

ManyChat’s chatbot elements are similar to MobileMonkey where you have an option of adding pre-defined variables like user name, date time, etc along with other customizable options such as text color, font style, etc.

Messenger Bot’s chatbot elements are the most powerful among all platforms with an option of customizing HTML code which can be used to build highly customized chatbots for business marketing campaigns on the Facebook Messenger platform. It also includes many pre-defined variables and other basic customization options like text size, font style, color, etc.

The winner for this round between MobileMonkey, ManyChat, and Messenger Bot is Chatbot Builder’s Messenger Bot because of its powerful chatbot elements for Facebook marketing campaigns.

By using these customizable elements you can quickly build a highly engaging Facebook messenger bot without any coding skills so that it will be easier to scale up your business growth with chatbots.

3. Users

Users are important in a chatbot builder because the user is what keeps your business alive. If you fail to keep users interested and engaged, they will look for other businesses that can provide them with the service that they need.

Users in MobileMonkey can track their user’s activities and interactions with the chatbot. This is an important feature for businesses because companies want to know what they are doing wrong or right in order to provide users with a better service experience.

Meanwhile, Manychat has a feature called “user profile” which stores all of the user’s data and interactions with other chatbots. This is useful for businesses because they can learn from their users’ mistakes or successes in order to provide them with better services in the future.

Finally, Messenger Bot only has an option where you have to add your own code to it. This is not very helpful to businesses because they must have their own app in which users can message them.

For this round, MobileMonkey wins because it has more features that businesses can use to help them achieve their goals, such as user tracking and profile management.

However, ManyChat is a close second for those who want an easy-to-use chatbot builder which still offers great options for users. Messenger Bot only provides the basic functions of building a simple chatbot and does not have any features that businesses can use to improve their service experience.

4. Messaging & SMS

Messaging and SMS are two different things, as simple as that.

A chatbot builder such as ManyChat enables you to use both messenger and SMS. Messenger is a real-time messaging platform where people can interact with your bot using their phone’s app or desktop client (similar to Facebook) — the place we call “inbox”. While SMS is text messages sent to your phone number.

Today, a chatbot builder can now both send chat messages and SMS messages.

MobileMonkey is just a messenger. You can send your chatbot messages to all the people subscribed to it but only if they are using the MobileMonkey Messenger app themselves.

ManyChat is similar to MobileMonkey, but instead of being limited by an app you have access to both SMS and Facebook Messenger or any other messengers integrated with the ManyChat system – which makes ManyChat a more versatile chatbot builder.

Messenger Bot is pretty similar to ManyChat in the sense that you can interact with people using Facebook Messenger, but it has one great advantage: they have their own app which users can use not only on mobile devices but also desktop computers. You can also send bulk SMS messages, which is a very useful feature for marketing and sales bots.

5. AI & NLP

AI & NLP are very important for chatbots. They help to understand the user’s intention and provide a more accurate response based on that context.

For instance, if someone types “I want to order sushi” then AI & NLP will be able to determine that they are hungry or about food ordering in general. However, If someone types “I want to order a car” then AI & NLP won’t be able to determine that they are talking about food. This is where machine learning comes into play and helps the chatbot builder with bots like Manychat which uses IBM Watson’s Natural Language Classifier service in its backend.

The more data you feed your bot, the better it will be able to understand the user’s request.

MobileMonkey’s AI & NLP is similar to ManyChat’s. (MobileMonkey uses Wit.ai and Manychat uses IBM Watson.

Messenger Bot does not have AI or NLP features, but it has deep linking which sends the user directly into a Messenger conversation with an agent who can handle their request for them instead of routing users through Facebook where a chatbot lives.

The winner of this round is Manychat. It has AI & NLP features that help to understand the user’s intention and provide a more accurate response based on context, unlike Messenger Bot which only offers deep linking.

6. Channels

Channels are integral to a chatbot builder. Without them, users would not know where they were in the conversation and there wouldn’t be any way for them to move from one area of your site or service to another.

MobileMonkey has three channels: messages, forms, and notifications. Forms are for users to input information in order to help your business with whatever they need. Notifications allow you to send messages that appear on the user’s device when there is something important or time-sensitive that needs their attention.

ManyChat has five types of channel options- webhooks, messages, location, sentiment, and forms. Webhooks are the main channels of ManyChat as they allow users to send messages from a website instead of just an app. Messages give businesses an easy way to communicate with their subscribers without needing any coding knowledge or experience. Location is another important channel that allows you to have targeted messaging for local audiences by being able to send messages to users if they are in a specific area. Sentiment allows your business to communicate with customers on a deeper level by using machine learning and natural language processing. Forms are the last channel that ManyChat has, which is very similar to MobileMonkey’s forms as it allows you to create surveys or have people input information about themselves so that you can help them better.

Messenger Bot app has three channels: messages, forms, and events. Messages are the main channel of the Messenger Bot App as it is used to communicate with users about whatever your business needs at that time. Forms are very similar to MobileMonkey’s form feature but they work a little bit differently in the sense that they are not used to collect information but are mainly for asking the user questions. Events are where Messenger Bot App lacks compared to MobileMonkey and ManyChat as it does not have an events feature that allows you to send automated messages based on certain things happening or at specific times of the day.

For this round, MobileMonkey and ManyChat are necks in neck as they both offer very similar features, making it easy for users to create a chatbot quickly.

ManyChat is the winner for this round as it has five different types of channels that allow users to create very targeted messaging and allows businesses to communicate with their subscribers without needing any coding knowledge or experience- making up for its lack of events feature.

7. Integrations

Integrations in chatbot builders are useful because you can connect your chatbot to other apps or platforms that will help increase its capabilities.

MobileMonkey integrates with apps like Google Analytics, Optimizely, Salesforce, and more. ManyChat integrates with apps like MailChimp, Zapier (connects to over 500 other services), Twitter, Facebook Groups/Pages/Profile. Messenger Bot App integrates with Zapier, JSON API, Google Sheets, and WooCommerce.

The winner of this round is ManyChat. Integrating with over 500 apps, you can make the chatbot do almost anything!

8. Marketing

Marketing is a key element of chatbots. Marketing is needed to increase the exposure and visibility of your bot, leading people toward adopting it as part of their daily lives. This is especially helpful if you want users to invite other contacts which will help strengthen your network effect.

MobileMonkey doesn’t provide any marketing tools, but ManyChat does. Messenger Bot App offers all kinds of different chatbot-specific features like analytics and A/B testing to marketers even though the tool is primarily designed for building Facebook bots.

Overall, ManyChat offers a lot of options for marketers and it’s probably the best chatbot builder you can find on the market.

MobileMonkey is coming in second place, with Messenger Bot App following behind in third place.

9. Pricing

Pricing is another important aspect of a chatbot builder. ManyChat can be used for free with limited features. If you want to access more features, you can subscribe to ManyChat Pro for only $15/month.

MobileMonkey offers different plans for brands, agencies, in-house marketers, and small businesses. The price varies depending on the customer’s needs.

Messenger Bot App, on the other hand, has three pricing tiers that depend on the number of contacts and features. Messenger Bot Premium starts at $24.99/month, but it can go as low as $4.99 on a limited-time offer.

Overall, Messenger Bot App provides a complete package for your business chatbot needs. With its customizable features, you can build an impressive bot that will help you grow and succeed in the industry.

10. Analytics

Analytics are an important part of any chatbot. You should be able to see your analytics in order to find out how people are interacting with the bot and what kind of messages they’re sending you, if there’s anything that needs changing or adjustments that need making; then you can do them accordingly without wasting too much time on trial-and-error testing.

MobileMonkey doesn’t offer any analytics, which can make it difficult to see what people are doing and how they’re reacting. ManyChat does offer some basic statistics but not nearly as much detail as Messenger Bot offers for free.

Messenger Bot offers comprehensive analytics, so you can see what’s happening every step of the way.

Overall, Messenger Bot offers the most comprehensive analytics and a range of other features that you can’t find in ManyChat or MobileMonkey. So if you want to make sure your chatbot is successful, Messenger Bot will give you the best chance at making it work.

11. eCommerce

manychat vs mobilemonkey,mobilemonkey vs manychat,manychat pricing,pros and cons of manychat,manychat review

E-commerce is one of the types of businesses that can benefit from chatbots. Customers want to be able to get information about products quickly and easily, regardless if they are buying in person or online.

Some chatbot builders integrate with several e-commerce stores, while others have a larger focus on e-commerce.

The ability to order products through a bot is also important when it comes to the conversation path in some chatbots, but this capability can vary by platform and developer.

MobileMonkey has many integrations with e-commerce stores, including Shopify and BigCommerce.

ManyChat has an integration that allows users to buy products on Amazon through the chatbot builder. This is important because this feature works for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Messenger Bot App integrates with WooCommerce. But what makes Messenger Bot App unique is you can create your own customizable e-commerce store in Messenger!

12. Templates & Cloning

Templates and cloning are important because you can reuse templates which saves a lot of time in the long run. Templates are also good for consistency in your chatbot’s message structure and options, especially when trying to target multiple audiences with different yet similar needs. Cloning is useful if you want to set up an identical/similar bot on another platform or website – for example, if you run multiple Facebook pages for different businesses.

Cloning is very important when it comes to chatbots because this can allow companies or marketers to have a conversation with many audiences at one time through the use of only one bot. The options and templates are also good for consistency in your message structure as well as targeting multiple audiences with similar needs.

MobileMonkey offers templates and cloning. The templates can be used on more than one topic, similar to ManyChat’s multi-topic feature. However, MobileMonkey does not offer any sort of “cloning” option like Messenger Bot or ManyChat do.

With Manychat you are able to make a bot with multi-topics. The templates are good for consistency in your chatbot’s message structure and options, especially when trying to target multiple audiences with different yet similar needs. You can also clone the bot if you want it on another platform or website – for example if you run multiple Facebook pages for different businesses.

With Messenger Bot there are both templates and cloning options. The templates are good for consistency in your chatbot’s message structure as well as targeting multiple audiences with similar needs. Messenger Bot does not have the multi-topic feature, but you can clone a bot if you want it on another platform or website – for example, if you run multiple Facebook pages for different businesses.

Overall, ManyChat is the best when it comes to templates and cloning. Messenger Bot offers both of these features, but Manychat simply has more options available for this category in my opinion. MobileMonkey doesn’t offer any type of template or cloning option at all so they fall behind here.

13. Optimization

Optimization is a procedure in which you make your chatbot better. There are many aspects of optimization, including:

– Analytics and Tracking (Setting up goals)

– Optimizing the User Experience with Content Personalization

– Using Advanced Features like NLP to Make Chatbots Smarter & More Engaging

MobileMonkey doesn’t focus on chatbot analytics or tracking. It is more about building and publishing your bot to the Messenger Platform, with no additional features like personalization tools.

ManyChat has a deep level of customization available for advanced users who want to get their hands dirty coding in HTML / CSS. Otherwise, you can use the ManyChat content management system to change templates and styles.

Messenger Bots also allows you to build out bots for Facebook, but not with their personalization tools like MobileMonkey or ManyChat do.

What makes Messenger Bot unique is that it uses natural language processing (NLP) to deliver a better user experience. This is one of the most important elements in chatbot development, so it’s great that Messenger Bot has this feature built-in right now!

The winner of this round is Messenger Bot. It has the most advanced tools for optimization, and it is one of the only chatbot builders on the market with NLP capabilities to deliver a better user experience!

14. Support

Support is crucial in any live chat system, and each platform has its own unique style. With MobileMonkey you can set up a Zendesk ticket for your customers to submit an issue or question which is then routed directly into your Facebook Messenger queue where it will be replied to by one of your team members within 24-48 hours maximum.

On ManyChat, you can also set up a Zendesk ticket and route it into your chat queue. The difference is that ManyChat will automatically respond to the customer with an automated message asking them if their issue requires immediate attention or not; this way they don’t get stuck in someone’s Facebook Messenger back-and-forth for days!

With Messenger Bot, you can specify a time interval for when the issue will be dealt with. This is great because you won’t have to worry about checking your Facebook page every five minutes!

This means that ManyChat and MobileMonkey are better in terms of customer support.

Which Facebook chatbot platform is better?

MobileMonkey, ManyChat, and Messenger Bot App are the top three chatbot platforms that you can use for Facebook Messenger. These platforms are the best of their types.

One cannot say a platform is better than the other because they are different in function and features.

ManyChat is the best choice if you want to create a chatbot for your Facebook Page, as it provides a landing page that can be used by marketers for their campaigns on social media. Messenger Bot App is great if you prefer using javascript code to customize your chatbots. However, ManyChat allows you to use HTML code.

MobileMonkey is the best choice if you want users on your landing page, as it allows real-time chat and customization of interface with JavaScript codes. Messenger Bot App does not support these features yet. MobileMonkey also provides more options for video calls than ManyChat does.

Which chatbot platform is preferred by marketers?

Marketers prefer ManyChat over MobileMonkey and Messenger Bot.

While there are many chatbot platforms out in the market, marketers typically prefer either ManyChat or MobileMonkey since they have more advanced features that can help them grow their audiences faster than other tools would be able to do.

ManyChat is preferred by marketers because it has an excellent customer support system that answers any questions they have.

MobileMonkey is preferred by marketers because it has a very intuitive interface to help them create chatbots easily without requiring the user to be tech-savvy or even know how to code.

Messenger Bot is preferred by marketers for its ability to integrate with multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Line.

When choosing between ManyChat vs MobileMonkey vs Messenger Bot, it’s best for marketers to take into consideration what features they need before committing themselves to any one platform. The good news is that all three platforms provide excellent customer support and help them grow their audiences quickly.

Which chatbot platform do customers prefer?

Customers prefer ManyChat because it’s highly customizable and affordable. ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger chatbot platform that allows you to create automated, personalized conversations on the fly. ManyChat is easy for customers because it’s available in their preferred messaging app (i.e. Facebook).

Who is the Winner?

Chatbot builders have been on a roll lately, offering new tools that help non-coders build bots quickly without needing to know how to code.

MobileMonkey, ManyChat, and Messenger Bot are all examples of these. Choosing a chatbot builder can be a daunting task because there are so many out there. It depends on your needs and the scope of what you want to build.

Build a chatbot with Messenger Bot App today!

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